About Us

History of Toms Ranch

    Mike Toms, owner of Toms Ranch is a third generation Boone County farmer whose passion for the land and sustainable agriculture has led him to providing free range products including Lowline beef.  A graduate of Iowa State University, Mike has over thirty years of experience working with animals and farming in Iowa.

    In 2008, after intense research, Mike transitioned from hogs, cattle and row cropping to focus his herd on Lowline cattle.  In the spring 2009, the first purebred Lowline and Angus/Lowline calves were born.

    Together with his wife, Kathy they raise a blended family in the house where Kathy grew up. Change is happening inside the house.  Spencie is teaching music in Northern Iowa. Natalie graduated from UNI and moved to MN. Andrew graduated from DMACC and is attending ISU.  Emma is at ISU majoring in journalism and Spencer is a graduate at Boone High School.

    We treasure family time when we can play cards, eat together and go for walks.  Volunteering continues, as Kathy is on the 4-H Youth Committee and Fashion Day Superintendent. Kathy is also on the United Community School Board. Family is first in this household! (We have the miles on the vehicle to prove it!)